We are programming for you to automate everything - from industry machines to homes.

About Us


Driving Automation

Our passion is to program and automate all kinds of machinery and other components. Therefore, we are highly motivated and always go one step further than before.

  • Our employees love their work
  • Thinking out of the box is our passion
  • Long experience guaranties good results
  • Well established communication quality

Our Features

Automating machinery or other components is always a challenge. That is where our long time experience and creativity shines. We will get you to reach your automation goal.

Our Team

Good work comes with happy employees. Each of us stands behind our company and its philosophy.


Elias Kellermann


Our References


Industrial Automation Experience

We have experience with Siemens, Beckhoff and B&R Automation tools in a lot of industries. We used all of their different automation tools for customers in the automotive industry, aerospace industry as well as any other producing industry


Software development experience

Several applications for the usage of API's and macros for different purposes were developed by us. Therefore we use C#, Java, Python and Visual Basic. Cases of application are: automating the Software generation, connecting to control systems and organizing internal information data flow.


IOT and home automation

To connect to the cloud or get connection to a control center, different approaches are possible. We made good experiences with Ignition from Inductive Automation to get all of the machines connected together. For home automation purposes we specialized in local server systems using the Blynk Framework with combination of Raspery and Arduino as hardware.

Our Services

Software Development

We develop automation software, API applications or scripts depending on your needs.

Software Commissioning

We commission our developed software as well as proprietary software or other free software you wish to use on your system.

Hardware selection and preparation

We can help you select the right hardware for your case of application. Any preparation of this hardware or software preinstalling can be done by us.

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